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Company vision:

Biotagate has positioned itself as a key player in the international Ag Biotech business with diverse portfolio of markets and customers around the world.

Our Mission:

To help Companies better manage their R&D Divisions and to guide them through business development from the idea stage till the marketing of their product. 

To scout and to invest in Companies in order to establish a gateway into Agribusiness by promoting their innovative ideas

To get a foothold in Agribusiness and developing our own innovative ideas.

Company Profile:

We supply a unique research and strategic consulting platform to ongoing projects as well as to new ideas.

Using our business development expertise we create for each idea a business plan aimed to maximize its potential.

Based on years of experience and excellent project management methodology, we offer consultancy services in various scientific fields: genetics and breeding, plant physiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and biostatistics.


International Relations:

Biotagate has a worldwide network of connections with top leading Ag Biotech researchers as well as with some of the largest Companies and investors in the field.

We have a wide experience of working in various cultures and in underdeveloped countries in all continents.

In Israel we have established a very strong relationship with Research Institutions, with key Agribusiness Companies and with various government branches.

Moshe Bar Ph.D.- CEO and Founder of Biotagate
Moshe Bar Ph.D. - CEO and Founder
A seasoned scientist, agronomist, and executive in agribusiness, Moshe has more than 23 years of experience in the seed industry.
Moshe serves as the CEO and founder of Biotagate, and as the CTO and co-founder of "BreedX". In the past, he served as Global Crop Lead for peppers and as Global Head of Scouting and Strategic Projects at Syngenta as well as the CTO of "Golden Leaf Holdings" and the CEO of "Green Point Science". Prior to Syngenta, Moshe was a VP R&D and tomato breeder at Zeraim Gedera, a leading Israeli vegetable seed Company.
He has extensive knowledge of plant breeding, biotechnology, life sciences, integrated solutions, and project management.

Moshe holds a Ph.D. in Life Sciences and M.Sc. in Genetics and Breeding from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  


Tel: +972-52-2242231





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