R&D portfolio and project management

Consulting Companies and Organizations in the agri community focusing mainly on Research and Development programmes, on project management and on portfolio analysis.
In addition mentoring and coaching management and development teams of Companies and Organizations that are active in the field of Agribusiness Research and Development.


Business Development

From idea to market



Biotagate will advise and support R&D Project Managers to improve efficiency and shorten time to


Biotagate will use its experience and global networking as a vehicle to build and

strengthen the portfolios of Companies.



Scouting & Investing

In new ideas

Biotagate will identify innovative and unique ideas at their initial stages and introduce them to relevant investors. 
Biotagate will supply guidance at both strategic and scientific levels using a professional Project
Management platform.



New project initiation

Biotagate will be using internal company ideas and develop them to product.



Tel: +972-52-2242231