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List of patents

Patents that were developed by Moshe Bar

Improved pepper plant- The present discovery generally relates to seedless pepper (SLP); and more specifically, it pertains to male sterile pepper plants having unique characteristics including the capability of growing edible seedless fruits, wherein the "seedless" trait is controlled by a genetic determinant independent of exogenous factors. Moshe Bar was one of the lead developers of this trait.
Controlling starch synthesis in tomato - by a method of generating a cultivated tomato plant which produces fruit having high soluble solids, the method comprising: (a) providing a population of plants derived from interspecific crosses of a Lycopersicon spp. genotype with Lycopersicon esculentum genotype; (b) selecting individuals of said population that exhibit higher ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase (ADPGPPase) activity than individuals of said Lycopersicon esculentum genotype; (c) backcrossing individuals selected in step (b) with a tomato plant of said Lycopersicon esculentum genotype, thereby generating the cultivated tomato plant which produces fruit having high soluble solids Moshe Bar was one of the lead developers of this trait.

List of Innovations

Commercial varieties that were developed by Moshe Bar

Development of new Tomato hybrid combination in four key segments:

Cherry tomatoes                            

Raisin tomatoes 

Cherry varieties for single fruit harvesting:




Cherry varieties for cluster fruit harvesting:





Big size tomatoes





Varieties for single fruit harvesting:



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