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BreedX is a new breeding platform for breeding superior varieties of selected crops with added values to growers and consumers. Biotagate is one of the owners of this new Israeli company.

Israel Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

The R&D activity in the Arava Valley is aiming to serve the developmental needs of the new settlements as they were officially declared high priority regions along the Israeli borders.

Natura- investing in the power of nature , Focusing on innovative  Agritech  projects

Seed-X use Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence to  identify genetic features of seeds & crops based on their phenotype features - and transform this big data into a new market standard that will revolutionize the industry.


Greeneye Artificial Intelligence to disrupt the agricultural pest control process, transitioning from the current practice of broadcast and wasteful spraying to precise and selective spraying of herbicides.

  Ecopod is an innovative product that was developed by Agro-Innovation, an American Company active in the field of urban agriculture and aeroponics.


Tel: +972-52-2242231





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